Burning Man

Impressions on my first Burning Man - learn what Burning Man is. 


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These are collected pictures from my three trips to Burning Man.  There are a few short and tiny movies, with all years collected together.  My camera was not suitable for nighttime photography, so many good shots were missed there.

The pictures are  reduced so that they are reasonable for web download.  If there is a picture you want the original full resolution version of, just send me an email. 

Out of respect for fellow Burners, I do not intend to publish any compromising pictures publicly.  The nude pictures in these collections should all be such that the persons involved cannot be recognized.  There were some close calls.  If you find exceptions to this, or conversely don't mind if nude pictures of you are published, let me know. 

The pictures are sorted chronologically, but represent different sets taken by different people.  In some cases those time sequences are merged, and in some cases they are not.  

Some versions of Netscape on unix will not properly display the tables with thumbnails.

Finally, just in case you, some random web surfer, get the wrong idea, these pictures are technically copyrighted by Burning Man and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.