Road Trip Introduction,

Roadtrips are an occasional event where we all pile into a car or van and go driving for several hours. It's basically a party on wheels. There are some guidelines:

1. The driver MUST remain sober!!! These trips are safe.

2. If you participate by riding, you are signing up to drive some trip in the future. The idea is that each riding trip costs 1 point and each driving trip pays 3 points. You start at 0 of course.

3. The riders pay for the gas (the driver supplies the car). The riders also pay for snacks/sodas for the driver. The riders pay for whatever snacks and drinks they want to take.

4. Usually, the person with more points has priority when making decisions, the person with less points has less of an opinion. This criteria is applied, for instance, when too many people want to go and someone must be left out.

5. If you are low man on the totem pole pointwise - you will be expected to drive the next trip.

6. Destination - Unknown! Who really cares? Driver decides.

7. Lunacy encouraged.

8. We usually leave at noon on a sunday, hit a scenic point at 5 or 6 pm, eat dinner somewhere at 8 (everybody, including driver, pays their own way for this) and arrive back at Ervan's around 9:30. Then we usually listen to Ervan's stereo for an hour or so at unusual volume.

9. Smoking is optional depending on the feelings of the passengers. Some roadtrips are "designated non-smoking", leading to even MORE frequent rest stops.

10. Rest stops are QUITE frequent. This is, of course, due to the females having to go to the restroom on the order of every 30 miles.

11. Ervan is unusually non-political on these trips.

12. Pictures will be taken, see the departmental picture center in the Herman Brown CS office: its the only picture with me (John) in it.

13. Descriptions of Lunacy are usually written up for posterity, and to attract future participants. The authors are usually Ervan or John (author written in brackets), with contributions from passengers. 

14. Hats are required. Toasting floods, flags, and penalty chugging for forgetting pseudonyms are also part of the program.