"Brithday at the Beach, pass 2", 6/91:

A11 of us rented a full size van, still leaving room to remove a seat and tie the keg down in its place. Thus prepared, we took the short route to Crystal Beach beach via Surfside. Rumor has it that we actually did reach the beach. Highlights of the trip include:

1) Tequila
2) Sanjay's finally appreciating the U.S.
3) Clay's suggesting the most useful newsgroup ever: alt.PissFuckingDrunk.RoadTrip.
4) Ervan's damn near drowning his fool ass because he forgot that he didn't know how to swim.
5) Rene's utter confusion at having 10 drunk people suggest different places to stop and let Margaret pee.
7) The wonderful service at the restaurant (27 pizza's and NONE of them were right).
8) The best: two pictures of Ervan at his birthday best posted on the departement door!!!!