"24 People, 12 Canoes, and a Keg", 10/91:

A fun-filled two day camping trip. Things got off to a wonderful start with 400 million problems (like Ervan's car dying as he was scoping out the river a short 150 miles from houston) before the day of the trip. On the day of the trip, one person actually showed up on time (thanks Valerie)! After a few short minutes of preparation, we started off only an hour and a half late. After arriving at the sight, everyone quickly and efficiently got the canoes in the water, and we started paddling only 2 hours and 45 minutes late. Amazingly, 3 whole miles were covered the first day, followed by 6 the next. Total mileage, 330 by car and 9 by canoe. Highlights:

(1) Not knowing where we were going until 30 minutes before we left Houston. Not knowing which part of the river we would canoe until we actually reached it.
(2) Veronique asking if she should bring soap for the showers.
(3) Merce actually bringing soap for the showers.
(4) Nizar and Karim making a wrong turn in Lufkin, realizing their mistake after only the short short period of an hour, and then averaging 95 miles an hour the rest of the way so they caught up with us only 15 minutes late.
(5) Making an average speed of LESS than one mile per hour (slower than the current), perhaps due to the traffic jam around the keg canoe, constantly pinning it between other canoes and obstacles.
(6) Chris and Vince removing their clothes (a.k.a canuding) 5 minutes after we were in the water.
(7) Chris and Vince managing to tip (perhaps due to drunkeness? nahhh) a short 30 minutes after we were in the water, committing one set of tent poles (and no, we are not talking about body parts) to a watery (or is that beery) grave.
(8) Pete and Chau-Wen following Chris and Vince's example, and tipping several times.
(9) Reinhard saying "I can paddle the keg canoe", and, perhaps with Ervan's help, tipping twice within 15 minutes after getting in it. At least once was because of a failed attempt to pour beer, stand up, and give Ervan a high-five all at the same time. The two locals watching kept a straight face for half an hour!
(10) The excellent choice of a campsight (thanks Joel) which required, uh, I mean gave us the opportunity to enjoy, climbing up or sliding down 20 feet of mud.
(11) A strange disease that affected several males at the camp sight, and caused them to remove their clothes and run around camp for the ostensible purpose of swimming and jumping off the cliff on the other side of the river. This group definitely included Reinhard, Ervan, and Pete, while rumor has it that even John was afflicted.
(12) The new campfire game "tell a secret about yourself", which rumor has it was developed for Babtist revivals.
(13) The beautiful harmonious singing around the campfire, complete with Rene playing the only ukelele in the world with a whammy bar.
(14) John accusing Laurent of stealing his sleeping bag, only to discover that really he was just too drunk ... uh, sleepy to find it the night before.
(15) Dirk puking at 7:45 am in the morning BEFORE we left due to overindulgence at Nod the night before.
(16) Most people got to swim on Sunday as we encountered several deadfalls that could neither be canoed around nor ported around, though Pete, Veronique, and Ervan did enjoy being hip deep in the mud together while trying. Another canoe, which will remain nameless (only because I don't remember who it was), tried to pass a fallen tree using the unique technique of sinking their canoe and pushing it under the tree. It didn't work.