"Pool Hall in the Swamp", 11/24/91

On our journey, after finding our way out of Houston having become lost only an hour after starting, to the only 25 cent pool table left in Texas, buried deep in the Big Thicket down a gravel road and many obscure turns, we were conducting John's favorite sociological experiment of testing how many Texans would wave back, only to have very positive results for the Liberty vicinity interrupted by one couple who decided to stop and introduce themselves to us as we were standing by the roadside busily engaged not only in relieving ourselves and having John demonstrate his lack of underpants and Cormac his vibrant boxers but also merrily blowing up anthills with several hundred firecrackers which hopefully did not cause the numerous large grass fires filling the horizon with smoke and flame that unfortunately obscured our search for liquor stores to replinish Valerie's vodka supply, the lack of which did not prevent Cormac from becoming sufficiently drunk to tell us that "I don't shop on South Main ... They use sheep in Ireland" eliciting Ervan's entirely sober reply that he had "had enough sheep for the evening", a sentiment echoed by a shortly thereafter passed billboard which said "Not enough sleep? Don't count sheep". [Ervan]