"Crossing the Brazos", 1/19/92

7 people celebrating exams by trying to cross the Brazos river as much as possible. After the third bridge, though, only the driver and co-pilot noticed. Perhaps this was because of the three flavors of tequila in the car! Small puddles of water, when noticed, heralded the cry "flood", followed by much drinking. It was surprising, but the one true Mexican, Rene, choked after his tequila. Cormac and Reinhard, in their usual flair for getting into these descriptions, went swimming in the Brazos, even though it was 10 degrees below zero and travelling about 90 miles per hour. This eventually caused Reinhard to lose his underwear - presumably to save his "blatter" so that he can look forward to a long life of eating "peckins". Hildegard took a graceful swan dive from the see-saw, thanks to Reinhard. [John]