"The Last, The Final, The Greatest J&E Road Trip ever", 9/27/92

In memorium of the end of a party era, marked by John's leaving, we filled an evil cement masking tape decorated full size van saying "ROAD TRIP", driven by Reinhard who cavalierly spilt coolers and tested the suspension, with persons and coolers which Jay & Diana sent spiralling off into the Alvin undergrowth, leaving us stuck at various high shcools and other dead ends where Valerie requested pee stops were of no help since the mosquitos would have rendered the men fit for the priesthood, eventually to the wee-mart, complete with two stolen McDonald's M's, so approrpriately named that even a small trickle was seen coming from under the van, where we gathered our senses enough that Thomas was seen eating chips off of Diana's leg to which she remarked "Thomas and I have a special relationship", and from there to the clothing optional beach where Thomas opined that "if we wear colored condoms it is no longer indecent exposure", John started swimming for Spain but turned around after he realized that without any pockets he didn't have his passport, and Cormac tried to rinse off the nail polish with seawater, which finally convinced Reinhard that it was time to leave the scene of the crime which he did by "beating the shit out of the rental van by jamming down the beach at 80 m.p.h." (according to Ervan), which was the sentiment of the day often echoed with our rallying cry of "It's a rental!", until he finally had to cross the San Luis Rey bridge, upon the other side of which Ervan's underpants were found on the antenna (that must be why mom always told me to wear a clean pair!), while John ran the betting pool for when they would fall off and kept calling play by plays, such as "It's now stretched as far as the sideview mirror!", causing such disgust that Valerie passed out on the floor, only to be revived by a camera, Cormac was down for the count, Ervan was seen feeding the fish over the edge of the seawall to which an elderly couple remarked "Are you sure he is ok ?", and Thomas hit the seat for a moment before recovering to take part in the supper debate which left us wandering around Galveston and Jay nearly stranded at a pizza place taking us finally to some place on the seawall where Ervan could not eat becuase of the hiccups, despite numerous pineapple juice chugs, and Cormac recovered in an unmoving van for the return leg so that he could engage in ice cube fights and try to stop Ervan's harmonica playing. [Ervan, et al]