"The Spac-Ship Road-Trip", 5/16/93

One glorious summer's day, nine adventurer's piled into the SpacShip, and headed for the stars! Important scientific experiments were performed along the way. We confirmed that numerous dead end signs were telling the truth. We toasted in celebration every time we confirmed our theory that all car dealers have large flags". Our search for Grogg's party didn't quite succeed, due to a shotgun phobia. Thomas somehow got left behind at Diary Queen, but the SpacShip returned to rescue him in the nick of time.

With the sun high in the sky, things were heating up in the back, so we scheduled an emergency swim-stop for R&R at the (clothing optional) Lake Sommerville, where we bathed, swam across the lake to pick flowers, climbed trees and practised the crocodile technique. Katy noticed that "Cormac has the smallest nipples" she'd ever seen, but that's ok: he'll hit puberty soon. Karen and Erica fought chicken fights, while Jay and Cormac discussed the Astro's game, and Maggie's long golden locks protected us from indecent exposure. All the while the antics of Thomas and Katy were amusing the onlooking anglers (and themselves, no doubt!) With beer stains rinsed from the ladies' underwear and permamently wind dried to the men's, we returned to the SpacShip and onwards to the next stop: Wendy's. Clad only in beach-wear (and with Erica wearing a towel!), we entered and feasted. Two (unnamed) people somehow got lost, but we found them back on board rocking the Ship and causing a wet-spot!

We commenced the journey through the vast unknowns back to McDermed Street. Navigator Darnell guided us well, with comments like "My God, I've biked this road so many times", yet we still circled the same small town for hours. Just when we though the drinking was over, Erica called for more Rum shots, and the party resumed anew. During the night, we visited Jupitor, Orion, the big dipper and even caught sight of Mars, while Susan and Maggie bonded on the wheels and Karen fell asleep in the middle of the road. Before entering the intergalactic interstate, Ervan, Thomas and Katy jumped the fence at a schoolyard for a quick shwing (pun intended), and got busted by a circling tow-truck. Leaving the scene of the crime at warp 8, the cranky voice of sobriety yelled "Shut the fuck up" at the drunk hooligans in the back. However, like Cinderella, we made it home before midnight; but not before being told that "Thomas is the hardest person I've ever met"and "Eleven inches hurts!" [Cormac]