"Brithday at the Beach, #3", 6/19/93:

Having a firm sense of history and tradition (though memory tends to be in doubt), eight of us set out in the SpacShip to celebrate the 3rd birthday of The Road Trip (TM). Instead of up to the stars, we headed down to the sea, which was very easy as the sea came to us in the form of a heavy storm.

Since we could not see out the van, there was no point in leaving Houston but Steph was alert enough to remark "It's a steamy-windowed Kroger Krawl" by our second or third Kroger stop. To document the fact that we actually stopped at the neighboring McDonald's instead, Liz insisted that Ervan take a picture of the crew cuddling with a cutout dinosaur to which he remarked "This is the weirdest photo I've ever been asked to take". Karim was so upset at this thought that we all had to yell "No, reverse!" as he started to drive through McDonald's instead of backing out. His sense of driving fully recovered, he explained running a red light: "I didn't want you all to spill your drinks as I braked" or maybe it was that game leg flopping about.

Steph, in charge of her sense of direction again, realized "hey, we were just on 90" later to be confirmed by "Are we on 90 again?" to which Ervan replied "we were looking for 69 in Liberty but got lost" [it's close, honest! check the map].

Turning then to intellectual matters, the conversation went something like this:

"You've had cows haven't you?" -Hildegard to Ervan
"I take exception to the phrase 'I've had cows'" -Ervan
"WE never chased any cows on a previous Road Trip" -Cormac
"Cow stop! Cow stop!" -Reinhard (allegedly)
"Vaseline is cheap, like a buck fifty a jar" -Ervan
"And did you have your vaseline?" -someone (asking Ervan)
"I deny everything!" -Nat
"You've been with Ervan, haven't you?" -Steph

As punishment for this blasphemous exchange, Karim stopped next to a fire ant hill, which Ervan managed to stand in for a few minutes until someone pointed out that was not a good idea in Sandals. It wasn't! The anesthesia was working well all around. Reinhard had already forgotten that he left several square inches of skin on Main street just before the road trip out of excitement or deliberate attempts at blood loss, we don't know which. Yes, blood loss makes you drunker, but we'll all chip in for the rum shots next time! He was temporarily reminded when Steph, using her hard won knowledge of chemistry, tried to apply some Southern Comfort to his wounds topically instead of orally, big mistake!

Arriving at Sea Rim Park after touring 20 miles of solid refinery, the surf was most grateful to see us at last slamming us about with 5' breakers. Liz recovered from the dip by noting "I lost my bra but I kept my pen". The men avoided any similar fate in the obvious (lack of) fashion. Nat simply said "Awesome swim!" and Ervan replied "closet wimp?" And that was the last thing anybody remembers.... [Ervan & Nat]