Bob Marley & the beach, 3/6/94

Driver: Cormac - Mr. Black
Passsengers: Ervyn [sic] - L. Man
Clair - Gertrude
Thomas - Sushi
Patti - Flower Power
Jana - Butterfly
Pinky - Bunny

Some quotes that were heard: You have to weat a hat! - L. Man
Why? - anon
So you'll always be wearing something - L. Man
Oh well, inside joke I guess - L. Man
The last time someone said superbowl,
I asked them if it was a basketball game - L. Man
If they were tyring to bitch, they WERE bitches - Flower Power
If a man was rich enough, I'd kiss him. - L. Man
10 minutes... you could sleep w/ the wrong man? - Mr. Black
When my beer spills on you, we'll have hit water - L. Man
The erection part you can deal with - L. Man [what was this in reference to?]
Thomas (ha ha) that was the stupidest story (ha ha) - Flower Power
OK, let the little boy go next - Flower Power
OK wait, what is the story - Gertrude
We know how Smokey got his name - Flower Power
I was so unaware of how much I wanted to fuck him - Gertrude
She never come out! - Butterfly [?]
Is anyone listening? - Butterfly
All my firends are losers, double losers - L. Man [reference ?]
Texaco, let's all go - Sushi
Look, he's naked! (hee hee hee) - Flower Power
He's not allowed to do that. - Flower Power
You gonna take a squirt? "Burp" -- oh excuse me -- -Sushi
I gotta cum... Can you hold this? - Mr. Black
Wow huhuhu[?]... the clouds are really pretty - Flower Power
Chickens are choking on the skins of love. - L. Man
OK, I missed it. - Sushi [didn't we all!]
I'll pay for it. - Sushi
I thought I caused all the scrapes and abrasions on
Katy's back - Sushi
Never again will I do - L. Man
Thomas, can you throw me back my trunks? - Mr. Black
Is this gonna get me pregnant? - Mr. Black
The driver is toasted. - L. Man
Oh wait, I think I lost my contact -Gertrude
She took a picture of me blowing my nose - Flower Power
Mr. Black, if I were a woman, I'd want your body. - Sushi
Mr. Black, I'm going to kill you - Butterfly
I have reached my quota of L. Man quotes for the day. - L. Man
What did Michael Jackson say to Lorena Bobbit? - L. Man
Who's that? - Butterfly
I've already seen your willy, no thank you. - Flower Power
Cheers to Beers! Get fucked up. - Butterfly