"The Roadtrip from Hell", 5/91:

it was the best of roadtrips; it was the worst of roadtrips. The morning started out perfectly when 10 of the 11 people showed up on time at 6:30 in the morning. Someone was called (and we won't mention names Babar), and it was discovered that he was still asleep. After picking him up, a solid 2 miles were covered before the first rest stop. At the rest stop, it was discovered that the same sleepy head who was late had also forgotten his money (again no names Babar). Next a good twenty miles were covered before the next rest stop for someone to take a leak (no, it wasn't a female, but no names Babar). After a short 20 mile detour with absolutely no purpose in life, we arrived at the tubing site. The organizer, in a temporary moment of insanity, decided to take the longest possible tubing trip. This, of course, just made plenty of time for things to go wrong. The water was a brisk 33 degrees (there wasn't any ice on it). There were 27 foot high waterfalls laughingly called dams. For some reason, Babar was the first (though not the only) to fall out of his tube. The interesting thing is that he was on smooth water but no one was near him. Poetic justice I guess. During the day, two tubes went flat. So, people took turns "riding rodeo" perched on top of the cooler. Margaret even made it over a dam like that. After an enjoyable time tubing, dinner was eaten by some at Kraus's restaurant (great food). Finally, the 200 mile trip home was a time of fun filled festivity as John and Reinhard laughed at everyone elses snoring. Casualties: several major sunburns, several cuts and abrasions, two pairs of cheap sunglasses, two pairs of expensive glasses, several t-shirts, three shoes, two innertubes, millions of cans of beer, at least one person at dinner, and every one except the drivers on the trip home. We are pleased to announce that the missing persons report filed on the camera with the police dept. has turned it up. It was heading to tiajuana just as fast as its film winder could carry it. Total distance: 400+ miles, total time: 18 hours! [John, et al]