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Temporarily disabled due to a spammer abusing this.

This will page my cell phone, (650) 793-1217, with a text message.

Name: Email (optional):

Cell Phone Result:

Your message will appear (along with the date and time) formatted 17 characters wide exactly like this on my phone:

Usage Notes

Tabbing between any two fields (including tabbing from "Message" to the "Send Page" button) will reformat the output box.

Notes: If you include your phone number in the subject or message, I can automatically extract and dial it. The maximum message length is 142 characters (including name and subject). Neither soft nor hard line breaks in the text box will appear on the phone. Your email address will only appear in the email copy.

You can also send email directly to 6507931217 @ msg.myvzw.com.


You can grab the Javascript that does the above formatting by examining the source for this page. The email backend is a cgi-bin Perl script, FormMail.pl, slightly modified by me to cut the noise for the limited cell phone interface.