Pile of links to some old/classic online games.

This is just a dump of an email with some interesting links.  I haven't explored all of these.
Many are simple enough to be shockwave or flash. 

80's arcade games online      http://www.tripletsandus.com/80s/80s_games/arcade.htm

Nintendo games (need PC emulator) http://www.tripletsandus.com/80s/80s_games/nes.htm

Yahoo games http://games.yahoo.com/

Browser based games directory


http://www.games.com (online board games, arcade games, card games.)

http://www.rubiks.com/ rebiks cube games and downloads

http://www.realonearcade.com/ online archade games includes some old sega games

http://www.arcadegamesonline.com/  cool shockwave games..darts bowling 8 ball air hockey sking. Bball, all different categories.sports, adventure classics, strategy, even "CABLE MODEM VS DSL!" even movies!!)

http://clevermedia.com/arcade/ more shockwave games.really cool seasonal games even a game called "make your own game!" Tons of variety.

Few selected list of Shockwave games:



Battleship http://www.gzd-interactive.de/battleship.html


Mastermind http://www.kipper.com/master.htm



Magic Square

Java applets:

First-person shoot them up

lemonade stand math

gnome bombing

asteroid 3D:

missle command