Canon Elph (S110) NB-1L battery life

This is random tidbit that I hope that google indexes.  If anyone reading this has more data to add, please email it to edarnell_dropthis_ aahhtt kelvinist.com.

The original Canon batter was only 500mAh.  I ran two tests on battery life for batteries purchased later:

1) Leaving the display on continuously.

2) Holding the shutter release down and letting it take full-resolution 2Mpixel pictures continuously without flash until the battery was exhausted.  I ran this with 256M CF cards and had to twice interrupt the test to erase the pictures already taken.

In retrospect, this test was flawed for not timing how long it took.  I'm reluctant to repeat it for wear and tear on the camera.

Battery Brand rating Display Test Picture test

800 mAh


1160 pictures

Battery Barn

1000 mAh


520 pictures

1160/520 = 2.2 versus 1:55/1:34 = 1.2.  I don't know if this discrepancy is due to the drain  characteristics of the batteries under different load, or slightly different scenes.  I don't know if this is overrating by Battery Barn in general or if I just happened to get a lemon battery.