1 Myron's Game n /1,1,1,1,1[:buy1] 1 King for high Each up card 1-2 Hi-lo, declare direct Player has choice of exposed top card or bottom card for each deal
A single card can be discarded and a new one bought for 4 chips ($1) at end.
Strategy points:
Pursuing hi and low simultaneously is possible since a bad card either way
can be tossed at the end. Bet heavy with a clear winning high and two low’s left fighting each other, you have nothing left to give away. Watch for lo hands that become straights (or less likely flushes). Average high hand is high 3-of-a-kind or better.
In Myron’s with 4-up cards, if the up cards look good, you have a strong bluff, even if the down card is trash.
2 Omaha Hold'em n /4:3:1:1 1,2,0 None 4 rounds 2-4 Hi-lo, qualify, card 2 from hand, 3 from center, direct Cards: 4 down per player, rest up in center: 3 up (flop), 1 up (turn), 1 up (river)
Betting: small blind, big blind, after each round dealt
"bets/raises are 2 after down, flop. 4 after 4th and 5th up card."
Pot: Split hi-lo, but no low hand can be higher than 8-high, cards speak, can win both
Must form hand from 2 down cards and 3 up cards.
Center cards are shared.
Strategy points:
Frequently low hands won't be possible.
Average hand: flush or better (almost 9 cards to choose from)
3 Supermarket 1 /2,;buy 5 2 None n*5 1 Hi-lo declare direct Cards: 7, dealt 2 down, then the rest "bought"
Betting: no betting rounds
Pot: hi
Two cards are face up from the deck, an "oldest" and "newest".
Cards are bought as follows:
oldest - 1 (make previous new card become old card)
newest - 2
both - 8
top of deck - 4
top 2 of deck - 7
top 3 of deck - 9
top 4 of deck - 10
top 5 of deck - 10
pass - 2

1 Cards bought face down are brought into a player's hand face down.
Face up cards stay face up.
4 Widow * /4:1 >=2 Shared up card None! 1 Hi Direct Ante: 2 on every hand in which all pass
Deal: custom
Cards: 4 down, 1 shared wild, up, in middle. Draw up to 4, once.
Betting: no betting rounds
Amongst all players who stay in, each loser matches the existing pot
and another round begins. Winner takes pre-match pot.
If only one person is in, that person has to beat the deck.
Game ends when everyone folds 5 times in a row or single player beats deck.
5 St. Louis * /4:1 >=2 Shared up card None! 1 Hi direct Like widow except if only 1 in, he wins. Deal is 4 down to each. If you're in you get 3 more. High only.
6 7-27 1 /2,1,1,… 1 A, 3 special Each up card 1 Split declare direct Cards: 2 down + 1 up per player, unlimited up rounds
Betting: after each round dealt
Pot: Split between hands nearest 7 and nearest 27, closest, then "inside", then fewer cards

Not a poker hand.
Points are:
3 : + or - 3
other number cards : pip value
Ace : 1 or 11
face cards : 0.5
Player can accept or reject a card on each round (?)
After 3 passes a player cannot buy any more cards. (?)
Play stops after all players have passed in a given round.
7 Merry Christmas 1 /7/pass 3/pass 2/pass 1 1 None 4 rounds 1 Hi & right Rollout + bet on each up card Cards: 7 dealt down, pass 3 left, then 2 left, then 1 left
Betting: after each passing round
Pot: Split between high hand and remaining hand to the right of high hand
Hanukkah is the reverse direction.
Strategy points:
Can win directly or by helping your neighbor to the left.
With only 3 people, you have a 2/3 chance (all things being equal).
May want to raise based on your neighbor's hand if you think he's
better on something good you gave him.
Flushes or better are very common.
8 Hanukah 1 /7/pass 3/pass 2/pass 1 1 None 4 rounds 1 Hi & left Rollout + bet on each up card Christmas, backward
9 7 low-in-the-hole 1 /3,1,1,1,/1 1 Low in hole Each up card 1 Hi direct Cards: 3 down, 3 up, option on last 1
Last card can be taken down for free, or up for 4 (to avoid changing wild card).
10 Jedi Mind Fuck 1 /3,1,1,1,/1 1 Low xor high in hole Each up card 1 Hi-lo, cards speak Direct, pick 1 to show each time, last can be bought face up for Cards: 2 down, 5 down one at a time, turning one each time at player’s choice
Betting: after each up card
Pot: hi-lo (declare?)
Like 7 low-in-the-hole, but lo-in-hole is wild for high, high is wild for low.
Aces are not wild unless exclusive.
The player chooses one card to expose on each of the last 5 betting rounds
11 Nasty Night Baseball 1 /7, "night" roll out 1 9, 3 match pot, 4 buy next Each winning up hand 1 Hi Each player must beat previous by turning up cards Cards: 7 down, no looking at your cards
Betting: after each player beats previous
Deck turns one card over to start.
Each player in turn must beat the previous best hand.
3’s are wild, but player must match pot
9’s are wild.
4’s allow another card to be bought for 4 chips.
12 Auction 1 /5:buy each card in deck 1 None Each buy 1 Hi Rollout + bet on each up card Each of 5 center cards is purchased in turn, with one being up currently.
The up card is bid on by all players.
Whoever buys, must discard.
If the discard is not purchased, the discarder pays a trash fee of 2 and the next card in sequence is turned up.
13 Graves & Tombstones 1 /5:1:1:1:1:1 +6 graves 1 None 5, each up card in c 1 Hi Grave cards kill everything. Tombstones can be used by everyone Cards: 5 in hand, 5 tombstones up on the table, and 6 grave cards
Betting: after each up “grave” card, except the last
Each round turn-up one grave and one tombstone. The grave card kills all cards of that denomination, even currently held in hands and future tombstones.
The tombstone cards are available for making hands.
Last round: there is only a single grave card to turn up.
No wilds
14 Chicago 1 /3,1,1,1,1 1 Q & following 4 rounds 1 Hi-low spade in hole direct, cards speak, Q penalty = 2, wild penalty = 1 Cards: 7 card stud
Queens are wild and last up card following a queen is wild, including possibly none
Players turning queens pay a tax of 2
Players turning wild cards and having existing cards become wild pay a tax of 1
Highest spade not showing that is less than last up spade is the winning low hand.
Wrap if needed.
Last card can be taken up or down.
15 Anaconda 1 /7/pass 3 1 None 4 rounds 1 Hi-lo declare? Rollout + bet on each up card Cards: 7 card
Like Merry Christmas, but only one passing round and hi-lo split (instead of hi and right).
16 3-5-7 * /3/2/2 1 3, then 5, then 7 n/a 1 Hi 4 legs wins pot, every "in" player has private showdown Cards: 3-card hand, then 5-card hand, then 7-card hand
Deal: 3 cards, then 2, then final 2, rotates after each hand
Wild: 3’s, then 5’s, then 7’s
Ante: once for each hand
Pot: Whoever gets 4 legs (with tie breakers if needed) takes the pot
Each deal, every player declares “in” or “out”. Previous “out”s can pounce on later “in”s. If only one “in”, that person gets a “leg”, and the deal starts over. If there is more than one “in”, all “in”s privately show each other their hands, losers pay winner pot match. As many hands are dealt as necessary. Each new hand (not each new deal) forces another ante
If first to declare and you have a good hand, don’t go in, pouncing is worth more than a leg.
17 (Canadian) Guts * /1/1/1/1/1/ 1 None n/a 1 Hi/lo/hi/lo/hi like 3-5-7, 2 legs wins pot, 1, 3, & 5 are high hands, 2 & 4 are Similar to 3-5-7
Cards: 1-card hand, then 2-card hand, … finally then 5-card hand
Deal: 5 cards, one at a time
Wild: nothing
Ante: once for each hand
Pot: Whoever gets 2 legs (with tie breakers?) takes the pot
1, 3, or 5-card hands are hi. 2 and 4 are low. Otherwise, like 3-5-7.
18 Follow the queen 1 /7, "night" roll out 1 Q + card after last Q Each winning up hand 1 Hi a "night" game (cards down)
19 Trombone 1 /4,2,2,1,2,2 1 None 5 (6?) 1 Hi like Omaha Like Omaha
Cards: 4 in hand and a tableau in the middle like:

Turn opposite corners, then two on side (not in a row), then middle card, then other two sides, then two final corners.
Wild: nothing
Hand: 2 cards from hand, one row in the tableau plus the center card
20 Notes Generally:
3 raises per round (ante, raise, reraise, cap).
"bets/raises are 1-2, until final round (then 1-4). If head-to-head, no limit on # of raises". Hold 'em games have different limits.
No raise can be less than the previous raise.
Straights and flushes never count for low hands.
Aces are low for low hands and high for high hands.
Hi-lo games are either “declare” (which way you are going) or “qualifier” (if low enough you can make best hand either way)
/x -- cards down
:x -- cards up and shared
,x -- cards up for each player