assett forfeiture humor ?!?

Topics: Crime, Rights
06 May 1994

From: ervan

Heard on R. Limbaugh last night:

A man had his tractor seized (i.e. w/o trial) because he ran over a
Kangaroo Rat ('endangered species') on his property. The docket
"U.S. Government vs. one Ford tractor"

My predicition: as there was no limit on the original implementation or any
logical bound on the scope of the reasoning, assett forfeiture will
continue to be used in all sorts of preposterous and unjust ways with
the effect of giving the police the power to punish people who don't
do as they like. The people who thought that suspension of any normal
sense of justice in order to win the drug war (ha ha!) are in for a
rude surprise. For them, I have no sympathy.