* Forcing businesses to enforce law

Topics: Rights
19 May 1994

From: ervan


One of the sub-themes of the "back door assault" is requiring
businesses to enforce laws that the government itself cannot enforce.

A clear case of that was reported on the local news this evening. A
bar in La Porte (a Houston quasi-suburb for those of you elsewhere) was
hit with an injunction from the D.A. that will force it to close down
(pending a hearing tomorrow) because there was *allegded* drug dealing
in the parking lot.

They interviewed the owner and his response was "What am I supposed to
do?". Indeed, a fine question. Is he supposed to harass possibly
armed drug dealers? You already know that the law long ago stripped
him of the authority to remove people from his property just because
they are suspicious. The particular chemical merchants in this case
were black (at least on the tape the news showed). Asking any black
person to leave your property is proof of racism and could well result
in losing a civil suit.

When the D.A. was asked what he expected the owner to do, the answer
was: 'hire more security' like that would matter. In other words, it's
your job to enforce the unenforcible laws congress has generously
passed and failed to fund. And, if you fail at your appointed task,
bend over!

Lest you think I'm merely whining ;-) without a proposal to fix this,
I recommend the obvious:
1) Legalize drugs.
2) Restore property rights. Stores are property too. Let owners
admit or refuse anyone they want.
3) Pass an amendment prohibiting unfunded mandates (on states or
4) Pass an amendment that people are innocent until proven guilty,
oops, we already have that one. Okay, let's enforce it.

Obviously there are lots of other far more important reasons than
this one case for these proposals.

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