* Re: Employer Mandates in health reform & tobacco

Topics: Health, Subsidy
23 Jun 1994

From: ervan

>> The other claim I love is the Dems who say they won't support any bill that
>> does not include universal coverage.
> [ A takeover must have it, else people on the net loss side of the ledger
> will abandon ship and let it sink. ]

True. Clinton has already anticipated this. His plan makes it a
federal crime to pay for medical services. It is one of the
fundmental catch-22's of the whole situation. Various cross-subsidy
insurance laws (passed often by states) to protect various groups have
instead caused people to go uninsured since insurance is now a bad
deal (forcing them to subsidize others). The very government which
caused the problem then says 'oh, look, uninsured, we must do
something!' NO! Stop doing something. The market is not broken.

If we must do something, then give people insurance vouchers or health
care voucers or better yet, simply a negative income tax. Let the market work.