a couple of recent quotes

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10 Aug 1994

From: ervan

The headline of the Weekly World News read:
"500 ft Jesus seen outside the U.N."
I was struck that it was difficult tell whether the subject or the object of
the preposition was the more credible.

A couple of weeks ago while discussing Haiti on MacNeil/Lehrer, MacNeil
asked a black congressman (whose name I have forgotten) what he thought of
this argument "Haiti is not worth spilling one drop of American blood." The
response: "That's a very racist statement."

Opening line from tonight's MacNeil/Lehrer:
'Advocates of health reform claim it is the new social security.
Opponents claim it is socialized medicine.' Yeah, well, they are both
right. It's ironic that Americans claim to hate socialism but yet embrace
it everywhere, even to the level of double-think of seeing
social security as nothing of the sort.