A couple unconnected liberal hypocrisies

Topics: Regulation, AA
23 Mar 1994

From: ervan

No comments on the post office? I guess I'll try something
more controversial ;-)

I read a piece in the Chronicle the other day about the an
anti-trust action being taken against seven airlines for their
price fixing scheme. How ironic that many people are calling
for reregulation in order to raise prices to save the
airlines. Here the airlines are saving themselves and the
government steps in to try and see that they keep losing money!
Or put another way, liberals see monopolies as an evil point
of degeneracy in capitalism but are all for government takeovers
which create not only monopolies but monopolies for which new
competition is outlawed!

One of the favorite claims of the PCers, especially with regard
to education, is that we need 'diversity'. That quotas bring
diversity is not at all obvious. But in any case, it begs the
question what sort of diversity? The diversity of different
kinds of illiteracy? of different kinds of burglary? For my
part I want no diversity of intelligence; I want the most we
can get! This is not to be confused with diversity of opinion,
which I'm all for. Anyway, if diversity is this wonderful
thing, why the opposition to immigration? If more blacks in the
university is a good thing because it produces more diversity
(and I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm merely addressing
this one issue), why not more Mexicans and more Cubans? I
don't hear much being said for that. For some reason,
'diversity' stops at the border.