The Dems on the port authority contract

Topics: foreign policy
26 Feb 2006

From: Ervan Darnell

Fareed Zakaria had an amusing observation on this morning's "This Week": The Democrats have been opposed to racial profiling in the search for terrorists, but now they are all for it in the case of deciding who gets contracts.

I want to add this one to it: The Dems, who have been arguing for an early troop withdrawal are now complaining the U.S. couldn't protect mosques.

Bush's policy has all sorts of problems, but I at least more or less know what it is. The Democrats have reduced themselves to demagoging on easy targets with no real policy of their own or willingness to be responsible for their own suggestions.

In the interest of equal time bashing, my biggest hit on Bush at this juncture is that Rumsfeld refused to listen to the Pentagon when it said that 300K troops would be needed to maintain order after the invasion. He cut that number by more than half and said "go, do it". Much of the trouble since is because the U.S. has not been able to keep order. While this seems to be largely the fault of religious fanaticism mixed with un-extinguished Sunni dictatorial zeal, Bush is in some indirect way suffering the rebuke he deserves for having invaded on a prayer instead of paying attention. At this point, it is obviously politically impossible to increase troop strength. Yes, he probably never could have had 300K troops to start with, but that only means the objective was too expensive (whether you agree with it or not). I fault him for not accepting that conclusion.
Ervan Darnell

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