* The immigration debate as a study in voter fraud

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12 Jun 2007

From: Ervan Darnell

The news this week is providing a tidy example of how corrupt Washington
politics are, and how the legal corruption is worse than the illegal in
some ways: the immigration bill.

Not where each party will compromise, but rather where they are trying
to go is perfectly predicted by the probable political party of the
immigrant in question (some of the amendments discussed here [4]).

Rips favor well-educated, well-employed immigrants and Dims want that
quota lower. These are not likely Dims. Such immigrants are also a
handout to existing Rip constituents.

Dims want to convert low-wage illegals into voters, knowing full well
these are likely Dims. The Rips want them as guest works so they cannot

Dims want to make it easier to bring family members, knowing full well
that Mexican wives are the perfect welfare mother voter. That, and
encouraging the creation of more low-income families provides the next
generation of people beholden to Dim welfare dependency. Rips, despite
being "pro family" understand this perfectly well and don't want family

It's rather like Pelosi giving the various territories votes in House
committees [3]. It's a shameless vote fraud strategy as she knows these
are perfect Dim votes forever. I'm sure the Rips would do the same were
the tables turned.

Breaking the party symmetry above, it was FDR who threatened to pack the
Supreme Court with his lackies if the existing justices didn't agree to
his unconstitutional legislative agenda. For instance, the Supreme
Court stuck down Social Security many times until legalizing it in May
1937 [2], the exact same year that FDR was threatening his court packing
(he started agitating for it in March, 1937 [1]). I guess the Dims got
a head start on voter fraud.

This ties in to the scandal of Gonzales firing U.S. Attorneys. The
facts are not all known to me, but it would appear that Bush and/or
Gonzalez fired some U.S. Attorneys for failing to prosecute Dims for
voter fraud. This is clearly an abuse on their part trying to
politicize the justice department even further. But the flip side is
just as bad. Dims are more given to voter fraud and thus more likely to
be prosecuted for it. To fail to prosecute voter fraud is inherently a
handout to the Dims and to prosecute vigorously a hand out to the Rips
(since any such prosecution will harm some legit efforts and scare
people away from aggressive registration in other cases). Now I don't
mean that the Dims are inherently of lower moral caliber than the Rips
(both approximating zero once elected), but only that Rip-leaning voters
are more likely to vote. Thus, there isn't as much opportunity for
chicanery on that side is there is for the Dims rounding various
uninformed people and cajoling them to vote.

[1] http://www.hpol.org/fdr/chat/
[2] http://www.ssa.gov/history/court.html
[3] http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4155/is_20070128/ai_n17159174
Chicago Sun-Times , Jan
28, 2007 by
George Will

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