The Edwards' of the world kill diabetics

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06 Nov 2007

From: Ervan Darnell

From the 11/07 Scientific American (my summary):
1) 1M currently alive diabetics will die from foot infections.
2) Silicone implants are proven effective at treating diabetics' feet.
3) In 1999, The Institute for Medicine found no link between silicone and immune disorders or cancer.
4) The FDA waited until 2006 to lift its ban on silicone.
5) Nobody will make the implants anyway because Dow Corning was sued over silicone breast implants for multiple billions of $$.

Contemplate that some ambulance-chasing lawyer convinced a group of scientifically-illiterate jurors to award multiple billions of dollars against Dow Corning, and now diabetics are dying because of it. Is anyone going to refund Dow's money now that we know it was a mistake (if not a fraud)? Even if it weren't completely safe, foot implants are clearly an essential medical device for diabetics outweighing whatever theoretical risk there was to silicone (unlike cosmetic breast implants), but the system doesn't seem to allow for any way to accept that risk, neither the tort system nor the FDA, which consigned unknown thousands to death while it sat on the matter for 7 years.

Ervan Darnell

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