Bush vetoes: where has he been hiding?

Topics: Taxes
13 Nov 2007

From: Ervan Darnell

After 7 years of obnoxious social policy and fiscally ruinous economic
policy, Bush finally starts to get it right with only one year to go [1]:

> President Bush, using his veto pen and bully pulpit, contended Tuesday
> that congressional Democrats are spending money like "a teenager with
> a new credit card" and funding the spree with tax increases in every
> bill. [...] "They're coming at you with new taxes, and I'm going to do
> everything in my power to stop them." [...]
> The president vetoed a $606 billion measure financing federal
> education, health and labor programs [...]The president described the
> legislation as "bloated," nearly $10 billion higher than he considers
> necessary. He particularly took issue with its 2,000 earmarks
The article of course doesn't tell us what the budget was last year
(liberal press again), but I think it's a safe bet it's higher this
year. Regardless, 2,000 earmarks is reason enough to veto it and say in
effect "get your act together". And, of course, it's a tax increase.

Harry Reid continues to rise on my list of most hated demagogues:
> "It is difficult to take seriously lectures on fiscal responsibility
> from the biggest-spending president in 40 years," said Senate Majority
> Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Now that's true, but disingenuous because the Democrats are even worse!
It's like an SUV manufacturer saying don't buy a Prius because one
rolled over once.

I don't think for a second Bush has actually come to his senses. It's
just a cynical ploy to make Republicans look like they are fiscally
responsible. Bush has nothing left to lose. But other Republicans can
either run against him on Iraq or use his support on fiscal discipline,
without taking the blame themselves for cutting pork locally. Or, maybe
it's an effort to distract from the debate on Iraq war funding.
Regardless, I'll take good policy for a bad reason over bad policy for a
bad reason.

[1] http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5j057jBReERcsF-FcZRSWe0h1gaXQD8ST1JJ82

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