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10 Jul 2008

From: Ervan Darnell

>Sen. Barack Obama blasted his Republican rival today after one of Sen. John McCain's top economic advisors said the nation was in a "mental recession" and complained America is "a nation of whiners."
>Although McCain attempted to distance himself from the comments of his economic advisor, former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm,... [1]

Never mind that Gramm is right, at least in the technical sense that the economy is not in recession (as last officially measured). Not even the NewsHour bothered to point out that Gramm was right. Even McCain had to denounce his own advisor to appease electoral folly. How can good sense ever win in this environment?

Obama went on to blast Gramm for his bad economics. I guess Obama was hoping that nobody realized Gramm is actually an economist, while Obama is a lawyer.

[1] http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/story?id=5350099&page=1

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