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08 Feb 2009

From: Ervan Darnell

I'm pleased to see I independently came up with a similar proposal.

I think we've discussed a carbon tax before. My bottom line: if it could be administered fairly (or least approximately fairly) and it didn't harm our negotiating position with respect to getting China on board (now producing more CO2 and then U.S.), I could accept it. That's true independent of the stimulus question, but both of those aspects are doubtful. I think of the numerous rent seeking exceptions to gasoline rationing in the 70's. Also, independent of the stimulus, I want any carbon tax to be revenue neutral. The spin here is opening a time gap where it's deficit, which makes if we accept the stimulus argument.

At 09:53 AM 2/7/2009, Vincent Kargatis wrote:
>Ervan Darnell wrote:
>>I have a proposal: cut business taxes now,
>>permanently, and raise income taxes later.
>Mankiw does you one better here, in replacing increased income taxes with an energy use tax. Did you not consider that, or did you reject it for some reason? (Harmful) energy use is a way better thing to tax than income.
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