EPA blowing smoke

Topics: Safety
07 Jan 1993


I read in the paper this morning that the EPA is going to release a report
today listing second hand smoke as a carcinogen. While this is no doubt
true at some level, like most of what the FDA does, the report is more
political than substantial information. The article says "The main sources
were studies on the health effects of smoking on non-smoking spouses, cohorts
or children." I have already argued how flawed these studies are.

But, what really got me was the following statement: "A draft of the EPA
report circulated in May estimated that about 63 million United States
non-smokers, aged 18 or above, involuntarily inhale tobacco smoke."
Bullshit. No one (especially aged 18 or above) involuntarily inhales
tobacco smoke. If you don't like this bar, leave. If you don't like
this restaurant, find one with a better no-smoking section. And
did someone force you to marry a smoker? I don't think so.