local PCisms and randomness

Topics: FreeSpeech
16 Apr 1993

From: ervan

I see from this week's Thresher that Rice has decided to honor
MLK day by starting classes one day later for the spring semester and
not making the day up somewhere else. I'm glad that at least I'm not
prohibited from working on that day. As for the students who will get
one less day of education in order to 'celebrate' MLK day, I suppose
the racists will find some irony in that.
The Thrasher (April Fool's parody of the Thresher) had an ad
on the back that said "Lovely Oriental Ladies Desire to be mail-order
brides for respectable financially stable Amercian men. Guaranteed meek,
submissive, sexually adept. Perfect for your Asian fetsish. Great cultural
exchange opportunity. Campus contact: Dave @ xxx-xxxx." Needless to say,
the PCers wrote letters to this week's Thresher complaining for several
column inches about insensitivity. That's so shallow. The joke makes
fun of the men who purchase mail order brides. It does not denigrate
the women themselves. The point being that banning specific words or
phrases is not just a question of sensitivity, it actively supresses
ideas, namely the idea that buying a 'mail order' bride is a deplorable
act. How ironic that the very position being ridiculed is a PC position